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What We Do?

Avira Technologies is well reputable Hardware, Software, solutions &Service Provider. Providing the services in the area of, Marketing, HR Management, Trainings, Consultancy, Web Development, Deployment and Support, Graphics Designing etc.

Through product and service excellence combined with outstanding value we have established ourselves as a primary IT solutions provider in all sectors of the Pakistan market. We target all market sectors specifically with cost-effective solutions that allow established and emerging businesses to compete with larger corporations. We are providing customer specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at affordable monthly rates to ensure that our customers receive the service they need.

Avira Technologies deals in Computer Hardware, Software and accessories like mother boards, processors, Scanners, printers, Fax machines, PABX Solution, Internet based CCTV Cameras with complete security solutions. We are providing after sales services. We are dealing in HR Management, Marketing Systems, Network Solutions, and Customize Software Solutions.

Our Mission:

  • To enable our customers to sustain, grow and become high-performance businesses using our knowledge, skills & experiences.
  • To help achieve their business goals by leveraging best-in-class “need driven” industry practices.
  • Our AIM is to implement “Performance-Centric” technology solutions using Collaborative Methodologies.
  • To provide innovative Solutions and tailor-made services that improves and secures the trade environment and deliver added value for our customers.
  • To build long term relationship with our business partner.

Our Vision:

  • Our Vision is to remain a Trusted Technology Partner for our customers.
  • To help achieve their business goals by leveraging best-in-class “need driven” industry practices.
  • We need to grow with our customers, locally as well as internationally.
  • To achieve customer satisfaction through commitment, trust and service of the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Teamwork:

    Our overriding loyalty is to the good of the whole organization, driving us to learn from each other for our customer’s benefit.


    In the services of our customers we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, pursuing innovation, deploying imagination, being open to new ideas and acting decisively and consistently. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationship with our customer is long lasting.