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Security Surveillance:

Monitor your Premises from anywhere and secure it with IP Based Cameras Avira provides the best Customer service & technical support of IP Based Cameras. You may monitor your premises, office, and home anywhere from the world. We also strive to provide the most competitive pricing possible on surveillance systems, security cameras.

Data Communications:

We are providing Data Communication Services as follows:

  1. Data Communication / Network Architecture
  2. Data Communication Planning, Design, Implementation & Operation Services
  3. Data Center Planning, Design, Implementation & Operation Services
  4. Network Planning, Design, Implementation & Operation Services

Software Services:

Our software services are include:

  1. Software Analysis Services
  2. Software Designing Services
  3. Software Development Services
  4. Web Designing Services
  5. Web Development Services

IT Help Desk Services:

A help desk of any organization is one of the reliable sources of reference for the company's goal audience of buyers and users. It is therefore vital for businesses to maintain service levels for their customer and technical support centers in order to enjoy enhanced contentment among their clientele. For comapnies seeking distinct improvement in customer satisfaction levels, Avira Technologies is here to provide help desk services tailored to the requirements of their business. We off all sorts of hardware and softeare solution in collaboration with our esteemed partners.

Network Auditing & Tunning:

Auditing is important because, if you want to make change then what will be the requirements or what you have or where do you exist


Corporate Plastic Cards:

Avira Technologies designs manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of plastic card printing solutions. These card printers are fitted with options for graphic, magnetic and electric (contact and RFID contactless chip cards)personalization of all kind of cards and badges (employee badges, student IDs,payment cards, etc.).

Avira aims at making plastic card printing widely available and affordable by offering simple, on-demand and customized printing solutions that bring quality to the largest scope of business users

Time Attendance System:

We are highly experienced professionals in security and Attendance management systems, with our excellent staff we work with you provide the security that meets our customer needs. We provide our customers with the best tools available to create operating efficiencies in Time management Systems. We are dealing in Bio Metric and Face reorganization Attendance management Systems.


We are providing system level services as follows:

  1. Microsoft Windows Server
  2. Microsoft Exchange Server Design, Installation & Configuration
  3. Backup Server
  4. Database Server
  5. DHCP Server
  6. Fax Server
  7. Proxy Server
  8. Media Server
  9. Anti Virus Server